Ealing Instructions

According to the local council instructions, please read carefully the following:

  1. If anyone in your household has any of the following symptoms of coronavirus, however mild, they need to STAY AT HOME:
    1. Fever (greater than 37.8C)
    2. New persistent/continuous cough
    3. Loss or change in taste or smell
  2. The person with symptoms needs to stay at home and isolate for 10 days (from the day that symptoms start). If that person still has symptoms (other than cough or loss of taste/smell) after 10 days, they must continue to self-isolate until they feel better. Everyone else in the household needs to stay at home and isolate for 14 days. This is because it can take up to 14 days for the symptoms to develop in other household members. Please do not leave the house and do not send children into their school setting during this time. If you don’t have friends/family who can help deliver shopping, you can contact Ealing Together on 020 8825 7170 for support during this period of self-isolation. You can also visit Ealing Families Directory for information on food banks and other food distribution services offering support.
  3. The person with symptoms should access testing via the NHS testing website or by phoning 119. Do not wait; ask for a test as soon as possible after symptoms start. If it is your child who is displaying symptoms you can request a test on their behalf. The current options to access testing will be via a drive-through testing site, home testing kit and we will be setting up walk through testing sites in parts of Ealing (including Southall and Acton) over September 2020. These testing options will be provided when you book your testing appointment online/via 119. 

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