Admissions Criteria


Supporting documents for registration are as follows:
(a) Application form – Solemn declaration (provided by the school)
(b) Pupil birth certificate
(c) Statement by the parent / guardian assuming responsibility for the safe arrival and departure of the child (included in the application form ? parental statement)
(d) Proof of pupil residence (bank statement or bank letter)
(e) Demonstration of a health booklet (red book) or presentation of another item in which the intended vaccines appear to have been made
(f) Individual Student Health Record (ISHR) (completed by the pediatrician monitoring the child).


Conditions for Participation in the After- school provision

The After-school provision programme may admit:

1.     Pupils of both parents working, presenting their employer certificate or unemployment card if they are unemployed. The right to register is also given in the event that a work certificate is presented by one parent and an unemployment card by the other. For self-employed, freelancers, farmers, and similar categories, it is sufficient to present their most recent pay-slip of the current year.

2.     Pupils whose parents / guardians belong to vulnerable social groups such as: I) Families with more than two children, single parents and parents with chronic illnesses / admitted in detox units / inmates. II) Citizens of third countries residing in centres or host structures of the UK.

Conditions for pupil enrolment in the Early Morning school provision (8:45 – 9:30):

1. Pupils who are enrolled and attend the After-school provision are eligible to participate in the Before school provision.
2. The minimum number for the operation of the Early Morning school provision is 5 children.


Pupils should be turning six (6) by December 31st of the year in which they wish to enrol in Year 1 of primary school.

Documentation required for Year 1 enrolment :
1. Application form (provided by our school)
2. Birth Certificate from the relevant Municipality or Community authority
3. The pupil?s detailed health record or booklet, or any other official document confirming that all essential vaccinations are up to date.
4. Individual Pupil Health Certificate (Greek A.D.Y.M. form provided by the school)
5. Reception year Certificate
6. Passport Photocopy

Every year, the Greek Ministry of Education announces the exact dates in which Year 1 enrolments will be taking place for the following school year.

In order to transfer a pupil?s enrolment from a school in Greece to the London Greek Primary school, you will need the following:
1. Application form (provided by our school)
2. Administrative note of school transfer confirmation (provided by the school)
3. It is expected that the certificate of pupil transfer and Individual Pupil Health Certificate will reach our school office in due course


For further details, please refer to the Admissions Policy.

You can also visit the website of the Hellenic Education Office in London.


Ελληνικό Δημοτικό & Νηπιαγωγείο Λονδίνου (West Acton)

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